Sunday, May 23, 2010

Is it June yet?

So May has been the longest month so far this year! Maybe because I am so anxious for June! KayLanas birthday, R&R, Our wedding we are finally gonna have, Hubby's Birthday! Its gonna be an awesome month. If it ever gets here haha. The days of May are starting to drag. I want summer! KayLana graduated from Kindergarten and is ready to start her summer break! Wishing he was here to spend it with us. And for more then 2 weeks. But thats his job. And we support him. Thinking of Taking Cheyenne to get her ears pierced this week. What does daddy think? I cant believe how big she is getting! My 4lb preemie is already 15lbs!!

Yay! One more week of May! Ready for June!


Husband deprived...sleep deprived. Im not sure if i have fallen asleep before 1am since he has left. The obly advice the dr gave me was to start writing. So here I am. Soooo tired but cant get to the point of sleep. I need my husband back. He left to Aghanistan in February. Its only been a little over 3 months. Feels like forever! May has been a really long months and the nights seem to last forever. Cant wait until June! To temporarily be in his arms again. It will be bittersweet. But I will take full of advantage of that little time we have together. And the sleep will be awesome! Night Night