Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!

2011-A picture a day

Wow 2011 already! It took long enough! But I am so glad it is here. This year will finally bring my husband and I cant wait for that day. Ok lets see, new years resolutions? Well Ive never been one to really make any since I usually dont follow them...but this is how I would like 2011 to be. I want to laugh more and be angry a whole lot less. I want to start living and not just watching the days pass by. I want to develope a stronger relationship with God and live my life the way he wants me to. I am fully ready to walk with him and that is whats going to make this year FABULOUS! and although no one reads this blog, i would like to try to write in it a whole lot more. Therapeutic I guess lol Well I hope this month flies and the rest of the year drags since our family will finally be whole =)