Tuesday, July 6, 2010


R&R came and went way to fast. The wedding went great and our time together was amazing. I am missing him so much and its only been 2 weeks since he left again. I think during the 2 weeks he was here we found a whole new view on love. We confirmed nothing will ever come between and we are FOREVER. It hurt so much more this time around. And Cheyenne loves her daddy so much!! <3 Well right we are in the process of trying to find a house. Im needing to move nack to Clarksville now more then ever. I need to be around people who know whats going on. Who understand the situation I am in and just listen when I have to vent instead of criticize and judge me when I have something to say. I just need to feel some type of support. And right now I feel the only place I can get that is from my husband or other army wives. So my next journey will start soon. Back to living my own life with my girls and preparing for his return. Even if its not for 7 more months. I count down the days until we are complete again. My heart is missing and it hurts. But I will stay strong for him. I promise =)

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