Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My long lost friend

I have tried to avoid you this entire deployment, but I have failed! I am on day 2 of trying out the wonderful tylenol pm so I can attempt to fall asleep before 2am. Day 1, took 2 capsules, started getting drowsy, the husband calls haha. Lets just say I dont remember a whole lot of that conversation. oops. But this time I take it at the end of our conversation so when we are finished I will be ready to go to lala land. Um...not working. Here I am blogging. Its been a long while since Ive done this. I should do it more often. Its um...therapeutic? I guess if I clear my mind of all thoughts in this blogging ordeal then maybe I will have less to think about when Im trying to sleep. Oh how I miss sleep so much. 2ish more months then I will OWN sleep again. It will be amazing. But in the mean time all I can do is DAY dream about it since I dont sleep to actually dream about it. haha ok Im done! Goodnight moon

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