Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sounds nice doesnt it? Maybe a little catchy? Badass? Easy job? Well, sorry to say but its far from it. Right now I dont feel very badass and its no where close to being easy. I do understand that I when I said my vows to the man I love, I not only became HIS wife, I became an Infantry Wife. I vowed to stay true to him in good times and in bad, through deployment and in Garrison, in sickness and in health, in civis or ACUs. The vows we take when we marry a soldier entail a little more then those of a "normal" marriage. So sittin here, in the 9th month of deployment, I sometimes need to take a step back breathe a little and reassure myself that I am strong enough to be an Infantry Wife. I am strong enough to be HIS wife. The wife of a U.S soldier. Im trying to figure out this love/hate relationship I am developing with my phone. The never ending waiting for it to ring and it be him, and then when it is, the worry of where out conversation might lead due our stress and anxiety brought on by our seperation.  The excitement I feel when I hear "a couple" more months left out loud, but then the anger I feel when it seems so much longer when I break it down into weeks or days. The worrying about the whole readjustment process. Will all this stress go away once he is back? Will it automatically go back to normal? This is all so tiring just thinking about it. My love for that man gets me through all of this every second of every day. I will be the best wife I can be during all of this and when he returns. I am married to a soldier, I am an Infantry Wife.

I am the wife of an American Soldier.

I am a supporter of the United States Army - an encouragement for the protectors of the greatest nation on earth.

Because I am proud of my husband and the uniform that he wears, I will always act in ways creditable to him, the military service and the nation he is sworn to guard.

I am proud of my husband.

I will do all that I can to protect and provide for my family in his absence.

I will be loyal to my husband and to the vows that we made as we entered the covenant of marriage.

I will do my full part to carry on the values and goals we have set apart for our family and I will continue to instruct our children in the same manner.

As a soldier's wife, I realize that I play a vital role in my husband's decision to become a member of a time-honored profession - that I am doing my share to keep alive the principles of freedom for which my country stands.

No matter what situation I am in, I will never do anything, for pleasure, profit, or personal safety, which will disgrace my husband, his uniform or our country.

I will use every means I have to encourage my husband to be the best soldier that he can be.

I am proud of my husband, my country and its flag.

I will fly the flag and will always remember the sacrifices made by my husband and by generations of men and women that have served our beloved country.

I will try to make my husband proud of the manner in which I accept his decision to defend my freedom and the freedom of all American citizens,

For I am the wife of an American soldier

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